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    100% of funds from CTK licensing deals go into the CTK DAO. Monthly distributions happen automatically for CTK NFT holders, based on the percentage of the DAO they are due.

    - Whitepaper in progress! -

  • Key NFT mint

    • The Key to All CTK Doors.
    • Airdrops with Licensing Access!
    • CTK DAO Membership.
    • CTK DAO Payouts.
    • The Brand Lodge™ Membership.
    • Collection Size: 1,333
    • Mint Price: 0.033 Eth
    Mint A Key NFT! 
  • OWLV Duffels™ mint

    • Hand illustrated original art.
    • AR & VR App - Under Construction.
    • CTK DAO Membership.
    • CTK DAO Payouts.
    • The Brand Lodge™ Membership.
    • Collection Size: 2,117
    • Mint Price: 0.01 Eth
    Mint a DAO Duffel™ NFT! 
  • World of Tings™

    World of Tings™ is the parent company of many brands such as Bubble Gun Gang™, Rogue Bots™, and a few to be announced as their Immersive Story™ unfolds!

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  • Bubble Gun Gang™ by WoT

    Join the kids of BubbleTown, WoT™ in part 1 of the World of Tings™ saga! Unique holder benefits activated!

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  • Rogue Bots™ by WoT

    Rogue Bots™ by World of Tings™ is part #2 in an epic 5-part NFT saga! Culminating in WoT™ Passive Income!

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  • ANU™

    The parent company of Under Doge™, Gourd Farms™, and soon to be released Flare Boys™.

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  • Under Doge™ by ANU

    Join UD in a harrowing journey from pound-bound puppy, to secret superhero! Will UD beat the villianous foes he meets along the way?

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  • Gourd Farms™ by ANU

    "Diabolical Deeds.... Soon."

    - Gourdey's Grandma.

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