About Payouts

Payouts terms are as written in the CTK Licensor Agreement.

80/20 split of License Agreement revenue.

  • 80% to NFT Holder.
  • 20% to CTK for License Deal Brokerage.


We currently offer DIRECT ETHEREUM PAYOUTS via Smart Contract Splits.

How it works:

  1. Our IP Token Gate logs the Wallet and Token Number to be licensed.
  2. When a License Deal is made, A Smart Contract is created for the deal.
  3. The Smart Contract has the payout split built-in.
  4. Payments to the contract automatically deposit into your wallet.


Why it's safe:

  • Proof of work - We only make money if you do.
  • Transparency - Smart Contract payout split can't be changed once written.
  • Transparency - Blockchain Tx proof of all actions from our wallet.
  • Tamper Proof - Split is handled via 3rd party Ethereum protocol.*
    *Initiated splits automatically go to payout wallets, eliminating forking or tampering of funds in any way.