What is Carry The Key?

Simply put: "A licensing & branding agency".

Our Mission:

Create value from NFT images without the need to sell the NFT.

CTK believes in the "Selling Shovels" method of business. (Most Gold Miners didn't make any money during the Goldrush, but shovel sellers did.) We view NFT I.P. Rights as shovels and businesses as Gold Miners. You have a lot of shovels (IP Rights) and we're going to help you sell them to companies that want to go digging for product sales gold!

Our Values:

We believe all NFT Images have value. Yes, even rugs.

Commercial-Use Image Rights can be THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Yes, you read that right. Thousands... or, more. This is why your images are valuable, even the "rugs". All art has it's place in Licensing & Branding. A seemingly valueless NFT image can make more than a "Blue Chip", in the right deal.

We also think outside the box. (that's a bad product pun and I'm sorry.)

Our Practices:

CTK was created to bridge the gap between NFT holders with IP Rights, and  easily using the rights. Holding an NFT should pay for itself. We know how to create that value for your precious NFTs because we've been HODLing ours and gaining value with licensing. We think everyone should have the same opportunity.

Now, you do.

Our Goals:

  • Help NFT holders realize their assets full potential.
  • Create Automated Income Streams for NFT holders.
  • Bridge the Web2/Web3 gap via creative marketing strategy & connections.
  • Give back to CTK Key Bearers.*

*Key Bearers are CTK Image Licensors. (i.e., You.)